Cost of Divorce in Oregon

The cost of an Oregon divorce varies from case to case. This is due to a large number of factors that impact the total cost of a Oregon divorce. The factors that affect the cost of a divorce in Oregon include, but is not limited to, court fees, attorney fees, document preparation fees, trial fees, and other expenses related to settlement of a case such as mediation. For these reasons you should look at total divorce cost.

The most predictable cost is the court filing fee which is $273 in Oregon.

How can I save money on my Oregon divorce?

You can save on a divorce in Oregon by completing your divorce by agreement. By reaching an agreement you do not have to pay attorneys to litigate the issues of your divorce with the court. By not overpaying for attorney services and fees you can control the cost of your divorce. Keep in mind that most all divorce cases end by agreement even if you spend thousands preparing for a court battle. In such cases you spend all your money paying an attorney to delay reaching an agreement would your spouse.

What is an agreed divorce?

An agreed divorce is where you and your spouse reach an agreement on the issues of your divorce. The agreement should cover how you would divide your marital property debts and if you have children determine how you will handle child support child custody and visitation. By reaching this agreement you can save thousands by completing an uncontested divorce.

What does this website offer?

Through this website you can begin your uncontested divorce process online. You simply answer a series of questions and then submit your answers. A case attorney will then reviews your answers and drafts all the paperwork for you to include detailed instructions for finalizing your divorce with your local Circuit Court.

What does your service cost?

The total cost of our service is $249. Payment plans are available. There are no other service fees.