Do it Yourself Divorce Oregon

Before you begin your divorce in Oregon there are several things you should consider before filing the petition for divorce with the Circuit Court.

First, you should determine if you meet the residency requirements for filing for divorce in the state of Oregon and also if you meet the requirements for filing in the Circuit Court where you or your spouse resides.

Next, you should to determine which documents apply to your specific situation and circumstances. For example, will your spouse sign a waiver of service? Do you even know where your spouse is? Have you lost contact with your spouse? The answers to these questions will determine the various legal documents and paperwork needed to begin and ultimately finalize your Oregon divorce.

Once you have determined which documents and paperwork applies to your situation and the appropriate local Circuit Court, you will need to prepare the documents. If you are pursuing and uncontested divorce your documents should summarize the agreements you have reached with your spouse.

The court clerks can assist you with submitting your petition for divorce which formally begins your divorce case with the court system. However, please be advised that the court clerks cannot advise you if the information within your documents, specifically your final divorce decree, is sufficient for the judge. It is the judge signing your final divorce decree that actually into your marriage and outlines what happens with your marital property debts and if your case involves children it also spells out child support custody known as conservatorship and visitation.

The process of determining which case documents applies and properly filling them out can be overwhelming even for persons with legal education or training. The emotional strain of divorce is enough so why burden yourself with the additional stress of ensuring all your paperwork is completed accurately. Through this website you can obtain professional attorney services completely online.

The cost of our service is only $249. The online attorney will prepare all your paperwork for you and provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions for completing your divorce case on your own with the appropriate Circuit Court.

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