Oregon Divorce Explained

Oregon divorce law can be confusing and appear overwhelming. This is especially true for anyone dealing with the multitude of issues surrounding the Oregon divorce process. Divorce is difficult emotionally even in “simple” divorce cases. We do our best to simplify the law and provide accurate information to assist you in understanding the divorce laws and processes in Oregon.

There are many ways to segment Oregon divorce information. But, based on our experience we find that people generally have questions about the actual divorce process, the laws, forms and documents, and the actual petition that begins a Oregon divorce.

For example, the Oregon Divorce Process contains specific information about division of property, child support, child custody, spousal support and other matters.

We have divided the information into the following categories and you can choose any category to get additional information on same:

  1. Oregon Divorce Process get information about how the process works, dividing property, child support, child custody, alimony, and similar matters.
  2. Oregon Divorce Laws review the actual Oregon statues as they relate to family law, divorce, child support, child custody, division of property and debts, and spousal support.
  3. Oregon Divorce Forms in this section you can review different forms and documents common in uncontested divorce in Oregon. This section also provides information about temporary orders, and documents needed to transfer property after a divorce is finalized.
  4. Oregon Divorce Records here you can get information about how to request Oregon divorce records.
  5. Oregon Petition for Divorce get information about the petition and related documents needed to begin a Oregon divorce case.