Experience, knowledge and knowhow matter.

Oregon Divorce Online services are delivered quickly and at a fraction of the costs of traditional offline lawyers. Our legal services are delivered 100% online. Our legal team has extensive experience providing affordable divorce services. With all this experience we pioneered a proven, efficient, 100% online service.

Our unique online divorce has changed the face of uncontested divorce in Oregon. Until recently, couples needing to complete an “agreed divorce” or “uncontested divorce” had few, if any, internet-only services to assist them with an actual attorney preparing their legal documetns. Even today, the lack of affordable online attorney services require that agreeing couples either hire an expensive attorney offline, trust a non-attorney, or use an unlicensed legal service provider to type their information onto generic divorce documents that may not be legally sufficient to obtain a final divorce decree in Oregon.

Why you should have a licensed attorney prepare your divorce case

All divorce cases are not the same. Your situation is unique and circumstances are unique, and so is your divorce case. That is why we strongly recommend that you have a licensed professional assist you in preparing any legal documents needed for your divorce. Would you rather a medical doctor of radiology review your chest x-ray or the technician that takes the picture? Similarly, why trust the drafting of your divorce case documents and the review of the agreements reached with your spouse to an unlicensed legal provider/non-attorney typing service to reduce them to written form?

Why people continually choose Oregon Divorce Online

  • Our online process is fast; it takes about 15 minutes
  • All your divorce paperwork is prepared by a licensed attorney
  • The service is delivered 100% online
  • We provide you with a complete divorce case; not just forms
  • A licensed attorney is available to answer your questions
  • We draft detailed step-by-step case completion instructions for you
  • Our service fee is affordable and payment plans are available
  • We provide a complete service; not do-it-yourself self-help divorce kits

If you are considering divorce check to see if your situation qualifies for Oregon Divorce Online.