Oregon Divorce - Using Legitimate Legal Services

Using an experienced Oregon divorce lawyer to prepare all your divorce documents, including the petition and final decree, ensures your case will not be delayed or dismissed by the court due to improperly drafted documents. At Oregon Divorce Online a duly licensed and experienced Oregon family law attorney reviews and edits your case documents including the final decree. The divorce decree not only legally ends your marriage, but also spells out how property and debts are to be divided, addresses spousal support, if applicable, and details all matters related to minor children are to be handled.

Using Oregon Divorce Online to prepare your uncontested divorce case ensures your case documents will contain all the necessary legal language that reflects the current divorce laws and complies with all pertinent court rules. In addition, your documents should accurately reflect the agreements you reached with your spouse. Some agreements may not be approved by Oregon judges for a variety of reasons. Should your agreements with your spouse be unlikely to be approved by a judge reviewing your final decree, we will bring these matters to your attention allowing you to amend any problematic agreements and eliminate delays in finalizing your divorce.

Going it alone

Divorce, even uncontested divorce, can be complex. Trying to “go it alone” or using an untrained, unlicensed non-lawyer can have negative consequences.

Pursuant to Oregon law a non-lawyer is not allowed to provide legal advice or to coach. This is similar to a non-doctor not being allowed to perform surgery, treat illness, etc. If a non-attorney answers legal questions they are practicing law without a license. This act is referred to as the unauthorized practice of law (UPL). UPL simply means an unlicensed person can’t explain the law to you or help you apply the law to your situation and circumstances. Non-lawyers, to include court clerks and court staff, can’t make decisions for you or answer your legal questions. Only a duly licensed Oregon attorney can answer your questions, explain the law to you, and coach through the Oregon divorce process.

Most couples completing an uncontested divorce in Oregon may not wish to hire an attorney to manage their entire divorce case. This is often due to high costs of attorney fees. Generally, the more time an attorney works on your case, the more it costs you as attorney’s usually bill for their time at hundreds of dollars per hour.

In an uncontested divorce there are many steps to complete in order to obtain a final divorce decree. Many of these steps do not require the experience of an attorney. For example, easier steps like delivering the documents to the court, obtaining signatures from your spouse, etc. By doing these steps yourself, you don’t have to pay an attorney hundreds of dollars to complete these tasks for you. This is why the attorney does only the crucial steps at Oregon Divorce Online and why our service is affordable. This allows you to complete some tasks yourself and save, even thousands in attorney fees.

With Oregon Divorce Online, you aren’t going it alone. We draft all your legal documents for you, provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions for the parts you complete yourself, and we are available if you have questions along the way. Our detailed, step-by-step instructions are drafted specific to your case and its unique situation and circumstances. Our case completion instructions allows you to easily finalize your uncontested divorce with your local Oregon Circuit Court.